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Reddit Gives Immoral Tips To Man Who Seeks Revenge For Neighbor Due To Barking Dogs And Dog Poop

Sometimes in life, we are forced to interact with people who are so unreasonable and impolite that we are unable to resolve our differences with them peacefully thro




Lately, a Reddit user with the account u/SlugBoy42 turned to the subreddit UnethicalLifeProTips for advice about his neighbor. The post that has the caption “Request Neighbor dogs bark all night and neighbors never clean up the dog droppings” has received nearly 600 comments and 2,800 upvotes so far.

Source: r/UnethicalLifeProTips

Due to the fact that the poster lacked the skills necessary to solve this complex issue, he found himself in an impasse. He was aware that the animals had done nothing wrong and that it was likely the owner’s fault for not providing adequate care for them. Therefore, he wanted to fix the dilemma without hurting the dogs. The Reddit user had given the strategy to combat barking sounds a shot, but it was unsuccessful.

Source: r/UnethicalLifeProTips

Under the post, internet users expressed their empathy for the man and shared similar experiences that they had had. Many gave him immoral but helpful advice and tips with the hope that he could end the problem soon.

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Others advised the poster to seek assistance from the local authorities responsible for animal control or the police. In one user’s case, a threat to call the cops was enough to change a neighbor’s behavior.

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What action would you take if it were you who was the poster? Have you ever been in a situation that was similar to this one? What action did you take in response to that? Please share with us your ideas and stories in the comment section below!