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Reddit Rages At Man For Threatening His Stepdaughter About Removing Her Deceased Pet’s Souvenir

Animal advocates on Reddit have once again banded together in an effort to convince a woman to change her mind about getting married because of her future husband’s



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The original poster, who goes by the user account name u/ThrowRAsp677, pinned her post on the hot and spicy subreddit r/AmItheA**hole to describe her future dream family, which consists of herself, her soon-to-be-fiance, who has a doctorate and a high salary, and her daughter Ruby, who is twelve years old. Because the little girl’s beloved dog, Tic, had passed away for good, the OP decided to hang a picture of Tic smiling in a beautiful frame on the wall of the living room in order to comfort the girl. After that, the man moved in with her and began assisting her with the monthly payment on the mortgage.

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They seemed like they were going to turn into a happy family, but then the stepfather saw Tic’s picture and started talking badly about him. Also, he removed the photo and threatened the girl that he would discard it if it was placed in front of his eyes again. The original poster responded to him by removing all of his certificates and degrees that were hanging on the wall, which infuriated him. As a result, he refused to speak to them further unless they publicly apologized to him and returned all of his belongings.

Source: u/ThrowRAsp678

The outrage on Reddit regarding the OP’s situation was expressed in the comments section below the pinned post. They didn’t mean to ruin her marriage, but they didn’t expect it to be a good one. They decided that her fiance did not have the qualities of generosity and sympathy. Aside from that, they cautioned her that he wouldn’t readily and easily offer his shoulder for her and the girl to lean on when they were both upset. They operate under the presumption that a man will make every effort to exert dominance over his household and make himself the focal point of attention.

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While this was going on, other users on Reddit were wondering what the man was thinking when he made the living room into a display of how knowledgeable and educated he was, but acted condescendingly toward the people who were in the room with him. They didn’t think it was reasonable for him to be so petty to his stepchild, despite the fact that the OP explained him as being someone who does not have a soft spot for animals. Reddit users advised against getting married to him despite the fact that his ability to provide for his family cannot be disputed.

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