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Redditor Unexpectedly Received Rude Reaction When Offering Homeless Person A Loaf Of Bread

The young man, who was 21 years old at the time, was at Target to buy some groceries when he came across a homeless person who was pleading with people walking by, i




When the 21-year-old man went to Target to buy some groceries, he spotted a homeless person pleading with passersby (including him) for food. In point of fact, he has a propensity to develop an extreme concern for safety, which leads him to avoid engaging in conversation with strangers and to reside in urban areas.

Source: u/Spare_Violinist

Unpredictably, the person turned extremely obnoxious and impolite, demanding to know what on earth the other person would eat it with. He began to make hand signals while he was berating the man for being stupid. The fact that he was incredibly impolite to him while at the same time being kind to other bystanders, even though they ignored him and continued on with their business, was something that particularly bothered the man.

Some people find it extremely offensive that the man offered the individual a loaf of bread while acting as though he were treating them as if they were a dog or a duck. Others do not find it offensive at all. However, the only reason he gave them that was because he always ate plain bread whenever he was hungry or when he was between paychecks and did not have enough money. Even though he does not want people to tell him that he is the AH, he also does not want their perceptions of him to be skewed in any way.

Source: u/Spare_Violinist

Fortunately, as a result of reading many of the comments on this thread, he has been inspired by a significant number of the participants and now wants to continue assisting others, either by organizing a charity event or holding a food drive.

Source: u/Spare_Violinist

According to the account named Kami_no_Yami, instead of food, that person probably preferred money so they could use it for something else. Because of this, they responded in such a manner when they did not receive what he desired most of all.

Source: Kami_no_Yami

MayhemWins25 continued by saying that despite the man’s good intentions, he acted in a somewhat careless manner overall. In his case, he usually just asks them what they want, and if he doesn’t have any cash on him, he asks to get them something small from somewhere like CVS. Additionally, people are capable of having a variety of wants and preferences. It’s very common for people to give or offer the same things over and over again simply because it’s the most convenient thing for them to do.

Source: MayhemWins25

New_Equal3762 explained more that since you want to help and are donating something you need to survive when hungry, there is a lack of communication and understanding on both sides. They want help, but they want to be asked how they need it and what they want to eat before they accept it. This will give them the sense that they have some control and respect in their lives.

Source: New_Equal3762

People who are homeless frequently have missing teeth because they have limited access to dental care. If somebody saw the bread, they might offer something to put on it because bread is soft enough to consume without using teeth, according to Rude_Girl69.

Source: Rude_Girl69

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