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See What Happened To The Cast Of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, which aired in the 1990s and became one of the most popular medical dramas of that decade, made a feminist statement long before the curre




One of the most important aspects of our popular culture, this television program was conceived of and is executive produced by Beth Sullivan, and it stars Jane Seymour.


The show is one that all of us, including our parents, can vividly recall. Even though the majority of the content is appropriate for children, the show does depict some brothels and has a great deal of dialogue revolving around prostitution. When our parents were attempting to explain the concepts to us, they must have had a field day.

The show also makes a great launchpad for many actors the show into their stardom. Now let’s find out what becomes of the cast of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” after the show has ended.


#1 Jane Seymour – Dr. Michaela “Mike” Quinn

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#2 Joe Lando – Byron Sully

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#3 Orson Bean – Loren Bray

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In the television show “Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman,” Orson Bean portrayed the role of Loren Bray, the proprietor of a general store in Colorado Springs. Bray was a crotchety and frequently obnoxious long-time comic, much like his on-screen counterpart, who is crotchety and frequently difficult. However, Bray was a long-time comic. Bean was a hilarious humanitarian who also worked in the field.

In the year 2020, Bean’s life was cut tragically short when he was struck and killed by a vehicle in the city of Los Angeles. The actor was walking across a street in Venice when he was struck by a car, and then by a second car shortly after that. It was determined to have been an accident.

#4 Jessica Bowman – Colleen Cooper

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On “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman,” Jessica Bowman replaced the actress who originated the role of Colleen Cooper. Bowman portrayed Colleen Cooper on “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” for three seasons and 88 episodes.


#5 Chad Allen – Matthew Cooper

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In “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman,” Chad Allen portrayed Matthew Cooper, the eldest of three children adopted by Dr. Quinn after their mother is murdered by a poisonous snake. Allen had a lot of success with the Western drama, which led to him receiving a number of awards and nominations.

#6 Henry G. Sanders – Robert E.

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Henry G. Sanders, an actor, played the role of Robert E., a former slave who was kept apart from his wife and children, with sensitivity and compassion for 107 episodes.

Prior to relocating to Los Angeles and pursuing a career in acting, Sanders served in the military and was honorably discharged after surviving two tours of duty in Vietnam. He’s written other plays that have been presented since “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman,” and he was even rumored to be talking with a writer/director regarding a movie script he wrote on the Iran-Contra scandal.


#7 Jonelle Allen – Grace

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#8 William Shockley – Hank Lawson

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William Shockley portrayed the role of Hank Lawson, the proprietor and operator of the bar and brothel in Colorado Springs, for all five seasons of the show.

After her departure from the role of “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman,” Shockley made a number of subsequent appearances in films and television shows, but she seems to have focused primarily on voiceover work. According to his résumé on the Team Two Entertainment website, Shockley had a country music radio show called “The Road” and was the voice of several major corporations such as Sony, AT&T, Toyota, and Fruit of the Loom.

#9 Georgann Johnson – Elizabeth Quinn

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In “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman,” Georgann Johnson portrayed Elizabeth Quinn, Dr. Mike Quinn’s genteel East Coast mother. The renowned actress appeared as a guest star in eight different episodes of the Western drama between the years 1993 and 1997.


#10 Geoffrey Lower – Reverend Timothy Johnson

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Between the years 1993 and 1998, Lower appeared as the reverend in 118 episodes of “Dr. Quinn.” During that period, he witnessed Rev. Johnson transform from a rejected lover by Dr. Quinn herself to a blind man committed to serving his parish no matter what.

The actor maintains a career in both the stage and the small screen. It’s interesting to note that after finishing filming “Dr. Quinn,” he went on to get licenses in real estate and general construction and started flipping houses in Los Angeles with his wife. In addition to that, he is the proud owner of a large and beautiful dog named Kioko.

#11 Frank Collison – Horace Bing

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Frank Collison played the role of Horace Bing in the Western drama for a total of 118 episodes, during which time their relationship progressed from hopeless love to marriage, children, and eventually a final divorce.


#12 Barbara Babcock – Dorothy Jennings

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Dorothy Jennings was a character that Barbara Babcock played for 98 episodes on the show “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” Dorothy Jennings did not have it easy on the program, so the actress gave lots of grit to the character.

Babcock spent months traveling all over the world, from Kenya and South Africa to Peru, but she ultimately established semi-permanent roots in 2002, when she returned to Carmel, California, to renovate and reside in her old family home. Unfortunately, Babcock received a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis not long after the incident occurred.

#13 Jim Knobeloch – Jake Slicker

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In the Western drama, Knobeloch played the role of the doctor/barber for a total of 128 episodes.

He continued to act for a while, playing the lead role in a few episodes of television and making a cameo appearance in the film “King Kong.” After that, he uprooted his life and moved to Australia. According to the allegations, Knobeloch’s wife denied ever agreeing to reside in Australia, which led to the couple’s eventual divorce.