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‘Smallest Reptile on Earth’ Discovered in Madagascar

There is a subspecies of chameleon that is about the size of a seed, and researchers think they may have found it. This would make it the world’s smallest reptile. R



‘Smallest Reptile on Earth’ Discovered in Madagascar 4

“Our initial impression was that this was a significant finding,” said one of the researchers.


The discovery of a reptile with such a diminutive body size raises a number of intriguing questions regarding the lower limits of body size in vertebrates.

In addition to this, it shines a light on the incredible—yet gravely threatened—biodiversity of Madagascar. Scientists suspect the chameleon will soon be listed as critically endangered.

‘Smallest Reptile on Earth’ Discovered in Madagascar 5

Still of nano-chameleon
“A spectacular case of extreme miniaturisation”


Its nearest competitor for the smallest reptile on earth trophy is a creature called Brookesia micra, another tiny chameleon species that made its debut in 2012, photographed atop the head of a match. “Oh, it’s a few millimeters smaller than this other thing,” says Scherz. “It feels a little silly to be like, ‘Oh, it’s a few millimeters smaller than this other thing.” “But when millimeters are two or three percent of your body size, then that’s a lot of change,” said the scientist. “That’s a lot of change.” Scherz goes on to say that “the majority of science occurs in these small, incremental steps.”

It is difficult to generalize the findings of this study due to the fact that there have only been found to be two individuals of this species. It’s possible that other chameleons in this species would be larger, or smaller, just like humans can be different heights.

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