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The adorable lives of Splendid Fairywrens

Splendid fairywrens are bold birds with brilliantly colored feathers. They are most commonly found high up on a branch where they are preoccupied with grooming and w




Splendid fairywrens are bold, brilliantly feathered birds that are often found high up on a branch grooming and looking out for each other.

The Splendid fairywrens are monogamous in social relationships but promiscuous in sexual encounters. This means that they form intimate, lifelong couples between one male and one female, but during mating season, they mate with multiple partners.

The adorable lives of Splendid Fairywrens 4

This is usually done most around mating season. However, it is common for males to continue to do this throughout the year, even when they are not breeding, in order to build a deeper, more meaningful relationship.


The splendid fairywren inhabits a large portion of Australia and favors habitats that are characterised by a higher degree of aridity and dryness.

Male Turns Blue During Mating

The adorable lives of Splendid Fairywrens 5

While the male splendid fairywren is often pictured in bright blue feathers, this only happens during mating season. In contrast, when it is not mating season, the male birds have brown feathers with blue tips on their tails and ears.

When the birds are ready to mate, both male and female shed their old grey feathers for new ones. With the males attempting to woo the females with their stunningly gorgeous new blue feathers.


However, if a potential threat discovers the net, the male fairywren will make an effort to divert the attention of the threat in order to safeguard the female fairywren.

Source: Kingdomstv