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The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Dog Because He Can’t Enter The Kitchen

Is it true that you’ve never met a dog who was patient beyond belief? Do you find this hard to believe? It’s not completely unbelievable, since we kno..



Have you ever seen an extremely patient Doggo?

I know, it’s hard to believe, right? It’s not completely unbelievable, since we know a dog who is a model citizen. A model of lawful behaviour. Plus, that’s not all. Because of his impeccable behaviour, he has become an overnight sensation on the web.

After reading this, you’ll be as enamoured with the newest internet star as we are.


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This is Max, The Fench Bulldog. The most obedient boy in the world!

mediafrench bulldog

Just recently, Max’s owner, Jenn, took him to her office. And Jenn stopped by the Cafe to get a drink, however, Dogs weren’t allowed in the cafeteria.

mediaNo dogs allowed

So, Max did exactly what he was supposed to do. He patiently waited outside the cafe like a very good boy. (It’s truly something you don’t see everyday. Just look at him!)

mediawaiting outside cafe

And the best part is that these pictures went viral overnight! Jenn’s coworker, Jasmine Scofield, took a couple of pictures of this incredibly cute and patient doggo and uploaded them on Twitter.

mediamax the patient bulldog

She uploaded with a caption that says “he wait” and guess what? Since then these pictures have been liked by over half a million people on Twitter! (In just a couple of days)

he wait

Words and makeup by FullMakeup Alchemist (@jaysc0), June 13, 2018

“[Dogs] aren’t allowed in the cafeteria to be conscious of others with possible doggie allergies,” Jasmine told BuzzFeed.


“He’s so well trained and knows where to stop.”

mediarespectful good doggo

The internet loves Max!

He is not only literate but also a rule-abiding citizen. In all candour, legendary. However, they really ought to make an exception for him.

— eat trillionaires (@merikkdraws) June 13, 2018


“Doggo does a wait.” These responses are just as cute as Max himself.

The dog does a wait. Not to worry, bro; I have no problem doing as the hoomans say.

Tweet from Mike Goode (@mikesgoode): “June 14, 2018”



On the 14th of June, 2018 — Miguelito (@Miggy301).


He surely deserves a promotion. We agree!

I demand that he be promoted right away.

On the 13th of June, 2018 — FullMakeup Alchemist (@jaysc0)


“It’s insane! I knew Twitter loves dogs, but not this much!”


“I’m just glad it was so well received and that they know he’s a great pup.” Said Jasmine.

mediagood boy 1
The Internet Can't Get Enough Of This Dog Because He Can't Enter The Kitchen 10

So here is Max for you! 11/10 GOOD DOGGY!



What do you think of Max, then? How much does your dog resemble Max? What do you think? Tell us in the comments!