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These 30 Goofy Pups Are Here to Make You Laugh and Have a Good Time

If you have a dog, you know how silly they can be, and how much joy they can bring into even the gloomiest of situations. Everything about our furry f..



If you have a dog, you know how silly they can be, and how much joy they can bring on even the gloomiest of days. The sight of these furry little companions on four legs never fails to make us smile. They are the most dependable of our friends and guardians, so we owe it to them to ensure their own security. Quickly endearing themselves to you through odd but endearing antics, the dogs featured in this article have done some of the silliest things imaginable, all of which were thankfully caught on camera for your amusement.

Don’t fret if today has been a particularly trying or boring one for you; this article is guaranteed to brighten your spirits and make the world a more bearable place. These dogs may be the most powerful creatures or have the best sense of smell, but they certainly don’t lack for a sense of humour. What are we talking about? Read on to see for yourself!


1. Yoga? Stretching? Playing? You’ll never know…

mediadog rolled up on floor 1
b’Via Reddit\xc2\xa0

Whatever it is, he appears to be having a good time with it.

2. Why are you upside-down hooman?

mediafunny dog looking at us 1
b’Via Reddit

This pooch doesn’t even bother to turn around!


medialittle pup being tough 1
b’Via Reddit

He’s making a valiant effort to prove that he’s a tough customer.

4. Spot the difference?

mediahusky and the windy season 2
These 30 Goofy Pups Are Here to Make You Laugh and Have a Good Time 32
mediahusky and the windy season 2 1

It seems this dog has made a new, identical friend.

5.1,2,3 CHEESE!

mediadog smiling funnily 1
b’Via Reddit\xc2\xa0

He’ll show you how to pose for the perfect selfie!

6. Gimme more food or I’ll just eat the dish brush!

mediadog with a dish brush 1
b’Via Reddit\xc2\xa0

This sweet little face!!!

7. Just like the old times!

mediadog fitting into the favorite place 1
b’Via Reddit

Take a LOOK AT YOU HUMAN! I still have room here! HEHE

8. I bet you haven’t seen anything so adorable in a long time!

mediadog being a puddle 1
b’Via Reddit

Let me just be…

9. Hey, how do I look man?

mediadog wearing googles 1
b’Via Reddit

Do you think you’ve ever seen a dog with such style?

10. Let’s just stop by real quick to enjoy the fragrance of these beautiful flowers, shall we?

mediadog smelling flowers 1
b’Via Reddit

I’m curious if I can partake in this feast.


mediadog with a piece of meat 1
b’Via Reddit

It appears that this dog is going to have a great time.

12. What have I gotten myself into?

mediadog driving a car 1
b’Via Imgur\xc2\xa0

See the look of instant remorse on his face there!

13. What an aesthetic sight, wow!

mediadog in water 1
b’Via Reddit

If I had the time, I’d stare at this all day.

14. The perfect Halloween costume idea for a dog owner!

mediadog in a batman costume 1
b’Via Imgur

I mean, look at this adorable little batman!

15. Looking for a Crazy Hat Day idea? Well, say no more….

mediadog sitting on a human head 1
b’Via Reddit

How dare you refer to me as a hat.

We imagine that by now your stomach is hurting from laughing so hard at these dogs’ hilarious antics. Don’t think for a second that this entertaining article is over. True or false? You’re almost done checking out these hilarious and endearing canine companions, who are here to brighten even the dullest of days. So buckle up, because we still have a few more jokes in store for you!

16.Looks like this dog is introducing his owner for a match of wrestling lol!

mediadog sitting on sofa 1
b’Via Reddit

Hey mate, meet my hooman!

17. Naping and sunbathing – the art of life!

mediadog sunbathing 1
b’Via Reddit

Does everyone agree that we could take some tips from this dog?

18. No captions needed!

mediafunny dog photobombing 1
b’Via Imgur

19. On today’s episode of ‘can I fit this thing in my mouth?’

mediadog with a ball 1
b’Via Reddit

He really does guard his possessions jealously!

20. No I promise, it wasn’t me!

mediadog caught red handed 1
b’Via Reddit

OK, it seems like we know who stole our socks.

21. And that’s how you grab everyone’s attention!

mediadog enjoying photobombing picture 1
b’Via Reddit

Even though he didn’t belong, this dog managed to ruin the group photo.


medialittle puppy lifting weights 1
b’Via Reddit

23. But that’s not how it works!

mediadog licking human face 1
b’Via Reddit

It appears that the dog’s human wants to return the favour, but the canine isn’t quite ready for it yet (lol).

24. So this dog right here is Billie who likes to copy her owner. This time she decided to also have a set of keys with her whenever she goes.

mediadog with keys 1
b’Via Reddit

Need we say more?

25. What a crazy family!

mediamama and baby dogs sleeping 1
b’Via Reddit

What weekend feels like!

26. The perfect meme recreation doesn’t exist? Well…

mediafunny dog with kid 1
b’Via Reddit

Both of us can’t take our eyes off of this…

27. Haha, pranked you!

mediaDog covered in jam
b’Via Imgur

This corgi managed to give his owner a mild heart attack by fooling him.

28. Hello! Who’s there?

mediadog coming out of a wall
b’Via Reddit

This adorable creature is here to greet you.

29. I’m watching you!

mediadog looking through the wall 2
b’Via Reddit

How about a wall mask? no?

30. Oh well that’s enough smiling for the whole year!

mediahusky and the windy season 2 2
b’Via Reddit

As much as we enjoyed researching and writing this article, we hope you find it to be just as enjoyable a read. This is undeniable evidence that canines are great household companions. They unwittingly bring joy into our lives constantly. If you’d rather stay home with your dog than go to a party or hang out with your friends, you have our full support. Please share any anecdotes about your dog’s humorous antics in the comments section.