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Thirty Snapchat Kitties Who Always Seem to Be Up to No Good

Cats take the cake for cutest animals ever. Who’s the first to welcome you home with reassuring purrs after a long day at the office? Who can you turn..



Cats are the most adorable creatures alive.

Who is the first to welcome you home with reassuring purrs after a long day at the office? When you’re at your emotional breaking point from stress, who do you turn to for comfort and a reassuring gaze into your eyes? Who can you turn to when you need a dependable friend? It’s definitely your cat. There is a special kind of love shared between a human and their cat that is second only to that shared with one’s own children. That’s the kind of love our feline friends give us.

Cats have a special way of bringing happiness into our lives without even trying. It is they for whom you will feel a “Fur-ever Love” that compels you to shower endless affection, treats, and care. You can be sure that every cat owner thinks their cat is the cutest. You’ll understand the appeal of these purring, scratching, and meowing housemates after reading this article. We can’t help but gush over their adorableness because of their big, forward-facing eyes, rounded ears, floppy limbs, unstable movements, softly rounded body shape, and disproportionately large heads.


Today, we’ve gathered photographic evidence of all the little ways in which cats make us love them so much that it makes us feel warm and fuzzy all the way down to our toes. If you’re not prepared, looking at these pictures will make you grin from ear to ear.

1. Was Snapchat made for cats? Hell yes!

mediacat infront of a mirror
b’Via AngryatNothing / Imgur

This photo is proof that social media apps like Snapchat were designed for animals like cats, not humans.

2. “And what did she say?”

mediacat in lap
b’Via Spikeyyy / Imgur

3. I’m shoeless now and I’m not complaining

mediacat sleeping in a shoe
b’Via SerStaven / Reddit

Our hearts are melting like ice cream in the sun after seeing this photo of a kitten napping in a shoe.

4. It seems as if “meow” means something…

mediaa cat picture
b’Via OrangeSpoon / Imgur

5. That’s a lot of stress

mediacat on a seat
b’Via \xc2\xa0OrangeSpoon / Imgur

This cat’s antics are too funny for words. Really, it’s just so funny to look at.

6. Zero tolerance for a new family member

mediacat eating
b’Via Justus_Is_Servd / Reddit

7. The lifestyle of this cat surpasses ours

mediacat with screen
b’Via jdeko / Reddit

The cat’s owner has pampered his pet to the point of no return. To our great surprise, we have no complaints.

8. It’s a setup!

mediacat near a door
b’Via Viscouse / Imgur

9. I’ll make this my new resting place

mediacat in a
b’Via ep97 / Imgur

Cats will entertain you by finding comfort in the strangest of places, no matter how lavishly you provide for them.

10. Because I feed her every time

mediafeeding cat
b’Via \xc2\xa0anlyin / Imgur

11. Meow-Go-Round!

mediacats on a swing
b’Via WildMartenInTheGooseberries / Imgur

We can’t stop laughing at this picture.

12. It’s not about how, it’s about why?

mediacat on car
b’Via DankDana / Imgur

13. Because why not choose the floor?

mediacat picture
b’Via Applepieohmy / Imgur

You can put out the nicest furniture in the house for your cat to sleep on, but they will always find something else to do.

14. “Worn out places, worn out faces…”

mediacat in hot dog costume
b’Via keroppi75 / Imgur

15. “Wassup?”

mediacat near a destroyed plant
b’Via Applepieohmy / Imgur

This cat’s owner has done a terrible job of controlling her, which is why she’s all over the place.

You’re being used by cats. That’s all there is to it. They are some of the cutest little animals you will ever see, making them one of the biggest vices of cyberspace and social media. They will use deception to get you to give them food and treats.


Without your knowledge, they will turn you into slaves under their command. Because we’re so charmed by cats, we don’t mind when they take advantage of us for their own ends.

16. “What are you, buddy?”

mediacat staring at raven
b’Via Jortsu / Imgur

17. “We’re just playing Tom and Jerry!”

mediadog and cat picture
b’Via Viscouse / Imgur

Do Tom and Jerry come to mind when you look at this image? Yes, that’s exactly what it does for us.

18. Best pillow ever!

mediahand on cat
b’Via scurvybob / Imgur

19. Portal to a parallel universe maybe?

mediablack cat on bed
b’Via ChubbyElvis / Imgur

The way this jet-black cat is curled up on the bed makes it look like a portal to another universe. I know, right?

20. Goldfish and kitty

mediagoldfish on cat
Thirty Snapchat Kitties Who Always Seem to Be Up to No Good 31

21. Serve me food hooman!

mediacat on wind screen
b’Via Resieh / Reddit

After his owner forgot to feed him, this cat has made it clear that he wants revenge.

22. A driver needs a mate too

mediacat and woman driving
b’Via \xc2\xa0JustOnesAndZeros / Reddit

23. Warning: not for the faint-hearted.

mediacat on bed 1
b’Via Aebecric / Reddit

It’s common knowledge among cat owners that cats have nine lives. The cat in this picture represents one such soul escaping its mortal coil. Wow, what a descriptive phrase!

24. Grudge part 2

mediacat sitting on a table
b’Via Applepieohmy / Imgur

25. When your cat is sexier than you.

mediacat on floor
b’Via Viscouse / Imgur

For the record, this is the sexiest cat I’ve ever laid eyes on. Period.

26. I’m going on an adventure!

mediacat on a stuff toy
b’Via crazycatlady14 / Imgur

27. “Run. I’ll cover you.”

mediadog and cat
b’Via Shiron14 / Imgur

28. Aero-kitty!

mediacat and plane
b’Via HWK-SCYK-AND-A-JUMP / Reddit

This cat has serious wind power and is sending it our way.

29. When there’s no need for a DNA test!

mediatwo cats on cushions
b’Via anlyin / Imgur

30. “I am the Lion Kitten!”

mediacat shrieking
b’Via BunyipPouch / Reddit

Finally, we’d like to say that we have no problem accepting cats as our superiors so long as they remain a part of our lives and permit us to lavish them with our love. We will always remember them with affection and appreciate having had them in our lives. This is a snapshot of the Snapchat experience for cat people. How did one particular photo stand out to you? Tell us about the most hilarious meme you’ve seen recently.