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Top 5 Of The Strongest DC Characters From DCEU, Ranked 

The DC Extended Universe is the name given to the cinematic universe that Warner Bros. has created for the use of DC Comics characters. After a decade of development



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The DC Extended Universe is also known as Warner Bros.’s cinematic universe for DC characters from comics. After a decade of development, who among these DC Comics characters has proven to be the most formidable in these films?


#1. Superman

Top 5 Of The Strongest DC Characters From DCEU, Ranked  1
Source: WB

Kryptonians are extraterrestrial beings, and Superman is essentially one of them. Moreover, he is probably the strongest Kryptonian since his biological father gave him the power of the whole planet Krypton, before sending him to earth. In addition to that, he is a representation of justice, power, swiftness, and invulnerability. Considering himself a god to human beings, Clark Kent is fated as a superhero who has to save the world. In the 2017 film Justice League, it is established that he is a mortal being and that he can be resurrected after dying.

#2. Doomsday

Top 5 Of The Strongest DC Characters From DCEU, Ranked 2
Source: WB

#3. Wonder Woman

Top 5 Of The Strongest DC Characters From DCEU, Ranked  3
Source: WB

Even in comics or movies, the goddess remains as one of the strongest DC characters and superheroes. Because of her extraordinary power and her extensive combat experience, she is an extremely dangerous woman. Wonder Woman has been defending the universe against Doomsday and Superman without taking any damage. Her speed is also remarkable as how she could save people with a bullet flying toward them. Her arsenal of powerful weapons, such as the Lasso of Truth, gives her an even greater advantage.

#4. The Flash

Source: WB

The Flash’s speed is his most notable and useful superpower. Apart from the fact that he’s thousands times faster than usual, his healing process is also incredible. He is simply the quickest of the powerful DC characters, and he is one of the strongest. In addition, he is still a rookie superhero who has not yet developed all of his abilities to their full potential. As time goes by and the more experience he gets, he may unlock his super sonic mode, which is his most powerful mode.

#5. Aquaman

Source: WB

He is among the most powerful DC characters when they are submerged. His incompetence is staggering when one considers that he could have prevented the entire team from drowning. The King of Atlantis has the ability to control water waves, allowing him to travel across the ocean and even create whirlpools. In addition to this, he possesses incredible strength, as evidenced by the fact that he is able to withstand blows from Steppenwolf unharmed as well as tsunamis. When Aquaman is submerged in water, he manifests his full superhuman strength. There is not a single hostile presence in his neighborhood, not even his half-brother Orm.

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