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TOP 8 Interesting Facts About Disney Princesses That Even True Fans Don’t Know!

Despite the fact that Walt Disney has produced a number of well-known and iconic characters for his films, the lovely Disney Princesses continue to stand head and sh




Although Walt Disney has created many famous and classic characters in their movies, it still can be seen that nothing comes close to the pretty Disney Princesses. These stunning women are regarded as distinctive brand icons.

Over the years, Disney princesses have widely been role models of many children due to their enamored stories of true love and kindness. Did you grow up with enchanted fairy tales and lovely Disney princesses? Did you pretend to be a princess while wrapping yourself in a blanket? If the answer is yes, you should not miss the following fascinating facts about them if you consider yourself a loyal fan!

#1 The princess who has the smallest feet – Cinderella

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Cinderella arrives home late because she is so absorbed in the dance with the prince. She thus departs without saying good-bye and breaks a glass shoe. To find Cinderella, the prince invites every girl in the country to wear that shoe, but thousands of people don’t fit. Cinderella is the only one who can wear the tiny glass shoes!

#2 The princess who sleeps most – Aurora

Source: Disney Princess

With gleaming golden hair and pink lips, Princess Aurora is a kind and beautiful. Unfortunately, Aurora was doomed to spend a thousand years in the forest dozing off. When Prince Phillip shows up and wakes Aurora from a century’s sleep with a kiss of genuine love, the curse eventually ends!

#3 The youngest princess – Snow White

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#4 The only princess has a power – Elsa

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#5 The only princess has a job – Tiana

Source: Food Is A Four Lette Word

Only Tiana is required to work as a server in a diner among the Disney princesses. She puts a lot of effort into achieving her father’s aim of becoming a restaurant owner. She has worked hard to earn the right to be her own princess, despite never having received a formal aristocratic title or crown.

#6 The ‘roughest’ princess – Mulan

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Mulan is not your typical bland, gentle princess. She is ready to defend her nation because she loves it. This Chinese girl who dared to join the army is enough to show how strong she is. Mulan wiped out tens of thousands of foes on the battlefield.

#7 The princess who has the longest hair – Rapunzel

Source: Syfy Wire

The Disney princess with the longest hair (approximately 70 feet long) is Rapunzel. Her bright gold, magic hair is even longer than the height of the towel in which she is locked up!

#8 The only real-life princess – Pocahontas

Source: The Tempest

Only Pocahontas is a real-life princess among the Disney princesses. The daughter of the Powhatan Chief of the Tidewater tribe, Rebecca Rolfe is a native American woman from the US state of Virginia. During the Anglo-Indian wars in 1613, Pocahontas was kidnapped by the British and held hostage for a ransom.