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Twenty or More Adorable Animals That Attained Mammoth Sizes

When your cute little fluffer first entered your life, do you remember how you felt? And you probably couldn’t contain your elation the first time you..



When your cute little squirmy one first joined your family, do you remember the feeling? You probably couldn’t contain your elation the first time you held your tiny little floof in your hands. It’s one of the best times of our lives, and there’s no way we can handle the adorableness we’re about to witness. A cat or a dog is the very definition of joy!

Whether you’re raising a human or animal baby, seeing them develop before your eyes is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Soon enough, they’ll be too big to fit in either our hands or our laps. Furthermore, we tend to believe that we have a thorough understanding of these teeny-tiny fuzzies. Did you know that researchers believe felines to be unique among mammals in their inability to detect sweet flavours?

Or perhaps you knew that a dog, like a human, can favour one paw over the other? There are undoubtedly hundreds of interesting details about our pets that we have never heard before.


Now is the time to jump on the gorgeous images we’ve compiled for you of some cute kittens who only got CUTER as they matured. In order to further amaze yourselves, please scroll down.

1. “My smol kitty was only 5 weeks old when I adopted her VS after 1 year!”

mediacute little feline grows up
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0meamreggie / Reddit

2. This is what growing together looks like!

mediacat with her human
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0FannyOfFanton / Reddit

3. Here’s a picture of my pup 3 years apart! Oh, there’s a cat too now!

mediabefore and after picture of a dog
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0BlurbYourEnthusiasm / reddit

4. Meet Chico! He’s grown into a handsome pup!

mediamassive pup
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0TranssexualUnicorns / imgur

5. It’s amazing how these pups grow up so fast!

mediacutest poodle
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0OPJesseVeronie / reddit

6. From a smol ball of fur to a full grown cat in 2 years!

mediasmallest kitty grows up
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0katyleecatladybi*** / imgur

7. He doesn’t fit in my lap anymore!

b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0MissBadgerTheMemeCatcher / imgur

8. The only thing that change is his size!

mediacat sitting on the shoulder of her human
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0Carliepuck / reddit

9. Not sure whether my husband shrunk or my pup got bigger!

mediadog with my husband
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0AdriannSongster / imgur

10. He never liked his pictures being taken

mediadoggo grows up
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0ladym*** / reddit

There’s nothing more endearing than watching a beloved pet mature right before our eyes, gaining weight and fluffiness along the way. Their personalities and routines will also change in remarkable ways as they mature. Keep on scrolling, there are a few more images below.

11. After 1 year and 141 pounds.

\12. “3 years ago today we brought Clancy home, our Siberian Forest cat.”

mediaforest cat
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0RockySC / imgur

13. Would you look at those expressions! It’s the same.

mediaadorable cat 1
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0CelticLink / imgur

14. It’s not the same dog, is it?

mediadog looks identical
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0vividlee / reddit

15. 20 years apart and he still loves to rest in my arms.

mediacat enjoying on the lap
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0madewithmagic / imgur

16. “The first day we brought our Evie home compared to a year later. Our pup is definitely a daddy’s girl.”

mediabeautiful dog 1
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0CayBoo / reddit

17. Growing up gracefully!

mediacat companion
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0Mipkins / reddit

18. Here’s our German Shepherd who grew up too fast but still loves his toy!

mediagerman dog grew up
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0This_is_Dan_Thanks / reddit

19. He weighs 60lbs now, can you believe that?

mediabig dog
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0LadyLionesstheReaper / reddit

20. We both grew together.

mediasmol to big dog
b’via \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0mexican_lexicon / reddit

21. “My dog the day I got him vs 1 year later. He’s about 40 pounds of energy.”

mediaadorable pupper
b’via\xc2\xa0 \xc2\xa9\xc2\xa0sfisher24601 / reddit

It doesn’t matter how old they get, to us they’ll always be the little ones who just want to jump up on our laps and be cuddled. Our sincere wish is that these photographs have brought you joy. In the comments, please share photos of your pets as they grew up with you.

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