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(Video) A 150,000-Year-Old Star Map Found In Hawaii, Stretching 3 Miles Wide

YouTube user @thirdphaseofmoon recently made a fantastic discovery. If you’re a fan of conspiracy theories, check out the account’s videos because the YouTuber consi




Source: YouTube

Then, Cousins quickly equipped himself and grabbed the necessities to immediately move for Hawaii, where he landed asap to deploy his drone, scanning the whole region. The photographs were also taken using drones.

These petroglyphs may have been the oldest among the ancients, dating back at least 150 millennia if Cousins’ theory is accurate.

Source: YouTube

To date, the video released on his YouTube channel has become viral, attracting more than 75,000 views with a lot of positive comment in support of Cousins’ discovery.

Even though he currently lacks solid proof, the proprietor of the @thirdphaseofmoon YouTube channel said that these lines might be connected to the enigmatic Nazca lines.