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Woman Called “A Nasty A-Hole” By Her Partner And Future Mother-In-Law For Using Tableware To Scoop Dog Food

Numerous pet owners who share their homes with their animal companions are blissfully unaware of the ways in which their way of life has been altered as a direct res



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The original poster (user account name u/jerryyyyyy1) pinned her story on one of the top-trending subreddits – the r/AmItheA**hole community to ask if she deserved to be belittled by her lover and his family. The OP was in charge of providing food for the couple’s small dog, which was a puppy. She didn’t mind using a metal spoon to pick the dog food out of the containers, and she convinced her man that it was a hygienic method to do so. However, his mother disagreed and referred to her as a nasty person.

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The OP soon forgot about the word and repeated her puppy feeding chore with a kitchen utensil, which became a needle in the boyfriend’s eyes. He reasoned that because she was irritated by her words, she must be making an effort to undermine his mother’s authority. They considered purchasing a new scoop for the dog as a potential solution to the problem. However, none of them volunteered to take over the responsibility of shopping.

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Reddit users agreed with the OP that the pinned post should not be downvoted because it is reasonable. It could be a harmlessly bad habit of hers. However, it was nowhere near the level of repugnance that warranted the use of the f-word. They admitted that they had even worse habits, but despite this, they were able to maintain a clean environment. To tell you the truth, they believed that the spoon that the OP used to feed their dog was less contaminated than those that were used to feed people. In addition, they stated that industrially qualified pet foods were always sterilized, which implied that the foods did not contain any vile bacteria.

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