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Woman Gets Complains After Calling Fake Service Dog Out, But Reddit Supports Her

Service dogs usually wear special vests so that people know and respect their presence. However, not every dog with a red service dog vest is a working dog. Many peo




As a standard practice, service dogs are required to wear identifiable vests to ensure that people recognize and respect their presence. Despite this, not every dog that is wearing a red vest for service dogs is actually a working dog. Many people purposefully put the vest on their canine companions in order to benefit from the title of “service dog.”

Source: r/AmItheAsshole

As the couple walked around the shopping center, the dog kept pulling on its leash in an attempt to approach other shoppers or their carts. The animal, in contrast to a properly trained service dog, appeared excited and agitated whenever there were a lot of people nearby. The poster speculated that it must be a brand-new service dog, and at that very moment, it was undergoing training in public.

Source: r/AmItheAsshole
Source: r/AmItheAsshole

In response to the story, the vast majority of users on Reddit agreed that the original poster was correct. It is disgusting that someone would fake having a service dog and put the genuine dogs in jeopardy. Some people pointed out that dogs acting inappropriately while wearing red service dog vests were fairly common, particularly in Walmart. If the animals were not there for their job, they should be kept away from human food to ensure sanitation and hygiene.

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Some cheered the woman up as she only tried to protect herself after the dog owner bothered her. The conclusion brought about by the investigation established who was to blame for the mishap.

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What impression do you take away from the story? Do you think the animal was a fake service dog? Have you ever been in a situation that was very much like this one before? We would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.