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You’ll Be Awed By This Exoticly Colorful Coat

There is no one more talented than Mother Nature. To behold some of the most magnificent works of art that nature has to offer, one need only go outside and take a f



Source: Wikipedia Commons / Tomfriedel

There are no natural predators of the Nicobar pigeon. Their bright colors have been displayed for all to see!

Moreover, Nicobar pigeons suffer from a unique stomach stone that puts them at risk. When using the hard stone, seeds and nuts are pulverized and made more easily digestible.


An extinct relative of the Dodo has a spectacular rainbow-colored coat of feathers

Source: Pinterest

Nicobar pigeons have red legs, a white tail, and around 1.5 feet tall

Source: Flickr

The stunning pigeon, though, is currently in danger of going extinct

Source: Flickr / _paVan_

Plans for bird conservation have been put in place to assist the birds to survive and thrive

Source: Flickr / PietervH

It would be awful if Mother Nature’s masterpiece were to disappear from the globe

Source: Flickr / Steve Wilson

A group of zoos worldwide has formed a group known as the Nicobar Pigeon Species Survival Plan. About 500 birds are being “insured” against the possibility that their species will become extinct by being kept in a variety of different institutions.

Source: Wikipedia Commons / Cburnett